5 Tips to Make Your Blog Successful

Jennifer Standing
5 min readJun 19, 2020

I know success is subjective, but these tips are the foundation for any kind of success you want with your blog.

I just passed my third blogging birthday, and I couldn’t be more proud. When I started my blog, I imagined I would use it as a creative outlet and a way of connecting with others. Over the past three years it’s grown into so much more.

Maybe that’s why you’re here: you’ve started or are planning on starting a blog and you want to see where it could possibly take you. The answer: anywhere.

Through this blog I’ve met my goal of connecting with others and using it as an outlet. However it’s also helped me introduce myself to clients, acquire multiple freelancing positions, and really allowed me to push forward my purpose of helping others and sharing information about nutrition, holistic wellness, and mental health.

The purpose of sharing these tips is that I also want to help you meet your goals and more through blogging.

5 Best Blogging Tips to Make Your Blog Successful

1. Start with Passion and Purpose

This first tip is really about the foundation of your blog. Your blog should relate to your passion. For instance, you won’t find me writing about sports or scrapbooking. Why? Because I’m not passionate about those topics! If you don’t really care about the content you’re making, your motivation is sure to drop off, and eventually your blog along with it.

Not only does writing about a topic that your passionate about bring you a sense of motivation and attachment, but when you write on a topic that you really care about, your readers pick up on it. There is a certain energy portrayed — even in writing — and your readers will feel your enthusiasm if it’s there.

Having a purpose behind your blog is also so important, so keep that in mind when writing your content. You must be really clear about what your goal is, and what you want to convey to the reader. Being clear about this will also help your reader find you — and hopefully fall in love with your information and the way you share it!

If you’ve found your purpose and you’re passionate about it: awesome — you’ve got step one nailed down. If…

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