I know success is subjective, but these tips are the foundation for any kind of success you want with your blog.

I just passed my third blogging birthday, and I couldn’t be more proud. When I started my blog, I imagined I would use it as a creative outlet and a way of connecting with others. Over the past three years it’s grown into so much more.

Maybe that’s why you’re here: you’ve started or are planning on starting a blog and you want to see where it could possibly take you. The answer: anywhere.

Through this blog I’ve met…

I’m not a bitch. But sometimes, despite my best efforts, I think I come off as one. A bitch, that is.

I can also be unreadable and emotionally distant. I’ve been known to put up walls so ice cold that it could freeze hell over.

I’m the person who won’t respond to your text messages and phone calls for days. If I see you in public, I might even avoid you.

I’m the person you know who is just always “too busy”, the person who waffles on plans and eventually bails.

It’s not me — it’s my anxiety. …

The less I have, the more I have

I get emotionally attached to things. Like old, useless, junky things. I’ve never been a hoarder or a big shopper, but I’ve always a very difficult time throwing things away.

But after moving several times over the past 5 years, I’ve had a lot of practice in letting things go. I’m much better with it now. My journey into being a minimalist has taught me a lot, and I can’t imagine my life without the values I have today.

It was only a few years ago my partner and I decided to take a road trip around North America, and…

He’s struggled with this since we met 6 years ago.

The other night my partner and I were settling in, and he squeezed me in close. He let out a big sigh, and it seemed like he had something on his mind. “How do I learn to have empathy?” he asked me.

I really thought for a moment. I told him that I didn’t know. I also said that I think empathy is something you learn in your childhood, usually. …

Depression is really just your body’s way of screaming something is wrong.

If you have ever dealt with depression, then you know what a struggle it can be to get out of it. Just having one good day is an incredible milestone. When you’re so desperate to feel good (or feel anything) options you may not have considered before become tantalizing. When I heard recently of instances where testosterone has been used to successfully treat depression, my ears perked up.

There are different types of depression. There are many different reasons why someone might be depressed. There may not even…

You never know what might come from it.

When I tell someone I am a Freelance Writer, I am almost always met with the same follow up question: how did you get into that? If you’ve ever considered Freelance Writing and are wondering how to get your foot in the door, my story could be helpful for you. This is not a step-by-step guide on how to get into Freelance Writing, but this is simply my story on how it all began for me.

I have always loved writing. As a child, I would write stories as gifts for family or just for fun in my own time…

Follow these tips and you’re sure to get the job that you want.

These days it can be tough to get a foot in the door. When your competition is high and your hopes are low, there are strategies you can use to get the job you want. If you feel like you could use a leg up on the next applicant, keep reading for tips that will help you stand out in the crowd.

Update Your Resume.

Don’t let your resume get outdated. While it’s obvious that you want to keep your employment history up to date, you will also want to…

I’ve had anxiety since I was a teenager. All of my most meaningful romantic relationships have been impacted by it in some way. Most of my partners have been well-intentioned, but all, never having experienced anxiety themselves, struggled to support me the way I needed. Now, 5 years into a healthy relationship, I’ve learned a lot about what can be truly helpful when you’re spiralling into the depths of your own panic-ridden despair — and of course also what does not help.

If your partner is having anxiety-related struggles, here are some tips on how you can support them. I’m…

Jennifer Standing

Writer, Blogger, Dog Mom. BA Psych, Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant. Real talk about Mental Health and Holistic Wellness.

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